Vacuum Furnaces & Ovens

Vacuum ovens and furnaces in circular or square configurations and made for work zones ranging from 2 cubic feet all the way up to 64 cubic feet.
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Thin Film Deposition

Sputtering, Evaporation, and Multi-Process thin film deposition. This item requires more text in order to make it a size equal to its neighbors on each side.
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Glove Boxes

For over 40 years T-M Vacuum has supplied controlled atmosphere enclosures better known as Glove Boxes. Designed for controlled atmosphere processing, our Glove Boxes protect your process and your personnel!
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The Most Advanced & Cost Effective Systems

SAMPLE PlacementT-M Vacuum Products, Inc. provides a wide selection of heat treating and thermal processing solutions. We provide various sizes of medical, sintering, continuous, tempering and high vacuum furnaces and ovens. We also offer vacuum brazing furnaces and ovens, optical coating systems, thin film disposition sputtering systems and atmospheric enclosures, commonly known as glove boxes.

We strive to create the best vacuum tempering furnaces and heat treating equipment possible which means high quality and cost effective products. Our systems typically exceed 20 years of life in a fulltime 24/7 production environment. This means that each of the heat treating sintering, continuous, brazing, medical, high and tempering vacuum furnaces, high vacuum ovens, optical coating systems, thin film disposition sputtering systems and glove boxes you purchase from our company are the most advanced and cost effective on the market. This characteristic applies to all of our systems regardless of application or product specificity. Optical coating systems, thin film disposition sputtering systems and our glove box units all carry the same mark of quality that our furnace systems possess.

Vacuum thermal processing and heat treating will always offer superior quality products. If you eliminate gas contamination and non-uniform convection current heating, adherence to product property specifications and batch consistency will be profoundly improved. This translates into a higher quality finished product and lower labor and energy costs. T-M Vacuum has a robust and full featured thermal processing vacuum furnace solution that can more than meet any requirement you might have. Contact us at your earliest convenience for more information on any of our systems.